Activitats Vinimundus • De la vinya a la copa From the vineyard to the glass: the dream of winemaking


Have you ever dreamed of being able to make your own cava? Well now you can live the experience of being a cavista. We offer you an experience lasting nine months with three visits to Vinimundus (or two if you are in Catalonia for more than one week), during which you can make your own cava. You will begin with a day in which you will come into contact with the territory by means of a tour of the Penedès: a guide will show you the local landscape, explain the relationship between the vineyard and the region and the art of viticulture, accompany you to the finest wineries in the area and take you to taste the finest dishes of Catalan and Penedès cuisine. Finally you will visit Vilafranca del Penedès, the county town, and learn about its Catalan Modernist architecture and the importance of popular culture. You will spend the night at a five-star hotel or a first-class rural tourism house, and the next day we will collect you so you can begin the process of making your own cava. First of all, you will be given a tasting course to learn to differentiate clearly what appeals to you and what you like most, and then you will choose which coupage you prefer for your cava.

A week later, you can come back to fill the bottles, and to complete the day we offer you lunch and a hot-air balloon flight over the Penedès (weather conditions permitting).

After at least nine months you will make your final visit: we are reaching the final stage of the process. The base wine has been resting for nine months and is therefore now legally cava. Now is the time to disgorge it (remove the lees), insert the stopper, fit the cap and sheath, and finally label and package it.

The minimum number of bottles of cava for carrying out this process is 100 units. The minimum ageing period is nine months, but can be longer.

Beginning of the activity between January and March