Activitats Vinimundus • A la pell del pagès In the winegrower's boots


The best way of learning to value the tasks carried out by the viticulturist in the vineyard is undoubtedly to have to do them yourself. With this activity we offer you the chance to discover at first hand everything the winegrower does throughout the year to take good care of the vineyard and achieve top-quality grapes.

You will have to come and visit us on three different occasions: in winter, in spring and in late summer or early autumn. On your winter visit you will learn the why and how of pruning and grafting. In spring, we will discuss and practise green pruning; and in the autumn we will carry out the harvest in the traditional manner. On the first day, we will take you on a guided vineyard tour to bring you into contact with the territory and allow you to contemplate the wonderful landscapes hidden away in the Penedès region. You can begin your visits in the season of your choice. All three times, we will complement the workshop by visiting a different winery so you can get to know different ways of working. Each session will include a three-course lunch.


All year round.
Duration: 3 hours.