Links to cellars and cavas


Albet i Noya Albert i Noya
Whilst the origins of viticulture at Can Vendrell go back to the middle ages, it was not until 1903 that the Albet family established itself at the estate. Joan Albet i Rovirosa came to Can Vendrell to oversee the replanting of the estate after the Phylloxera plague. This process involved planting American rootstock and grafting the desired variety onto that rootstock. After replanting the vineyards he stayed on as manager of the 210 hectare estate of which 90 hectares were vineyards.

Cava Guilera Cava Guilera
Cava Guilera is a familiar business, specialized in making ageing cavas. We have chosen this way because we believe that a cava needs time to become a great cava. Time to grow, to mature and to naturally develop its intrinsic properties. Time for all of them to integrate and become a harmonious whole, pleasant to the palate. Time to let things happen, aside from the frenetic productivity that prevails in the market.

Vilarnau Vilarnau
Vilarnau is the most modern cellar in the Penedès region. The new cellar was built in 2005 and precision viticulture is their main characteristic.

Mas Comtal Mas Comtal
When we talk about Mas Comtal we talk about the result of an ACCURATE, MODERN and PIONEERING viticulture and a VANGUARDIST and INNOVATIVE task in the cellar.

Nadal Nadal
The personality and quality of each bottle of Nadal wine or cava is developed by using tradition, experience, technological know-how and rigorous control of the whole process: from the planting of the vines to the sale of the finished product.